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Be Part of a group, don't go it alone
Working in a situation where you feel as you are trying to achieve outcomes as just ONE person can be frustrating.
We all feel it at times, but when you have access to a group of like minded people, why not take advantage of it?
You can achieve so much as a group and as a well established association, we have. When you attend a meeting there is bound to be someone out there who has had that problem you are encountering at the moment. Ask questions and share your experiences, we have all had triumphs and also made mistakes, and lets face it, sharing is the BEST way to learn.  

Aims and objectives
The main focus of the meetings is to provide a forum for ALL people who work in and have an interest in the Turf industry. This:
  1. Promotes friendships and solidarity between those involved,
  2. Distributes current and new knowledge of technology.
  3. Allows discussion and promotes a problem solving environment.
As Turf and Horticultural workers, you may feel that your technical skills and hard work is underappreciated and undervalued. The personal and corporate status of those engaged in the turf industry as a highly technical and significant employer of people must be recognized. We continue to highlight and push for this to change, but can only do so with constant promotion.  
Through liaisons with other groups with a similar focus, and informative meetings and sessions with profiled and knowledgeable speakers, we hope to achieve this in time. Education is a focus (and with the leading training organizations having firm ties) in this ever evolving world all aspects are focused on. Techniques, Environmental practices, Health and Safety, Business and Planning will all have their time in the spotlight as discussion points.

New Committee for South Australia

A new Committee for STASA 2015-2016 were appointed at the AGM on 1st September 2015:

President Gerry Charlton, IPOS
Vice President Tina Hamden, WaterPro
Secretary Tim Wurst, Maxima Group
Treasurer Martyn Gillespie, Grounds Keeper
Committee John Hawkins, SMA Adealide Oval
  Dennis Dewell, IPOS
  Karl Schlicker, Concordia College
  Rennie Mazzone, Landstruct Commercial